About us

NeedForward is a company that sets itself to innovate within the domains of intelligent machines and data strategies. By developing and testing new technologies in existing market domains, we want to contribute to more effective sentiment analysis, predictive modeling, human-computer interaction, and big data analysis.

Based on these technologies we develop applications that are new in specific ways. At the moment we are concentrating on applications in the areas of human-computer surveying and interviewing, social networking and predictive business intelligence.

NeedForward is a business-to-business and research oriented company. If you are interested in our technologies, or interested in joining forces, please contact us.

Latest news

01-09-2014: The research project SPACES (Simulated-based Prediction and Analysis of Collective Emotional States) in collaboration with NWO and NSCR officially has started!

12-05-2014: Transpolitics ran its first pilot of a realtime poll for The House of Representatives in the Netherlands. The results have been analysed and new insights have been gained.

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